Q&A with Edna Swart

I wanted to share some amazing girl bosses out here, and connect with people who are passionate about the fashion industry, business and want to share the same message that I share with all of you that follow my blog and styling page:

Turn your passion into a reality and inspire others along the way.

I am so thrilled to of caught up with Edna Swart owner/founder of ed&i and TVNZ's very own Boss Babes. To share her personal styling advice, where she looks for content and inspiration. I have been helping style Edna for years and I can still remember every single piece she has purchased off me in my retail career. She built that trust with me instantly and I have loved following her journey ever since.

Edna's looks are always classy, crisp and feminine.

I hope you enjoy our Q&A as much as I did! xx

What is you favourite thing about your brand ed&i?

What it stands for – helping women feel confident in and with their skin. I have always suffered with acne on my body, feeling self-conscious and wanting to hide from the world. Designing a natural skincare range which not only helps fight this but renews and hydrates your skin was so important to me, but I also wanted the range to help women feel sexy in their skin. ed&i is a transformative skincare system designed to give every woman body confidence.

What is your most common request in terms of business?

I frequently get asked ‘how’. How to start a business, where to start, help with their ideas. I was getting quite a lot of these requests which encouraged me to start my consulting business on the side. I want to help other women build their businesses too and the women I have worked with have been amazing. It's inspiring to see how many women want to run and be in business and also flattering at the same time when they turn to me for advice.

You post such amazing content, keeping it both fresh and exciting on your business and personal page - What is your key message out of your content?

It important for me to keep my personal authentic and somewhat aligned to my business. I do not refer to myself as an influencer. I am a businesswoman with influence in what I do and represent. I have three fundamental messages that my personal Instagram stands for: beauty, body and business. Under each of these I share what is important to me, inspires me and what would inspire others. I have found that 99% of enjoyments, interactions and questions I get from followers are related to these three topics.

At what age did fashion really start with you?

As a teenager I was fashion obsessed! I tried so many different styles, trends, wanted pieces no one else had, even worked in fashion stores so I’d get the discount to subsidize my spending on clothes. My family even said to me that I had a problem. But I didn’t really find my true style until about 25. I also stopped spending so much money on clothes and started investing in fashion. My view on fashion changed as my style became more authentic. I wanted to invest in quality over quantity. Over the past 5 years I spent more on designer handbags than anything else ever before. I've also cut down on my wardrobe, holding onto pieces that I can wear season after season, and purchasing only pieces I know I can wear again and again. I’m proud in the fact that I have jeans and dresses I bought 5 years ago that I still wear and are still seen as on trend. I’m also proud that the first designer handbag I bought at 21 is still one of the top designer bags being purchased today, though three times the price I bought it for.

What is your classic go to look?

The denim jean, white shirt and red lip is an absolute classic of mine. So elegant, so chic, dress it up, dress it down. It's also a look that never disappoints. If I’m ever stuck on what to wear, this is my go to.

What is one of your favourite pieces in your wardrobe:

My favourite pieces are actually made up of a pair of shoes and bag. The classic black Christian Louboutin pumps and classic Chanel flap handbag. I told you I’m a classic girl. I feel these two pieces just go with everything!

If you could give one piece of fashion advice, what would it be?

Keep it simple, less is more. Invest in quality over quantity. In saying that though, I’m not against ‘fast fashion’ brands. There are some fast fashion brands that I shop at, but it's how I shop with them. I don’t buy pieces that are once off wears. I create slow fashion for myself buy purchasing classic pieces from these brands that I can mix in with my wardrobe and wear for a long time.

And lastly, If you could ask for one piece of fashion advice from me what would it be?

Girl, I have been coming to you for advice since who knows when! You are actually the only stylist I have ever trusted. For those reading this will not know that you were styling me long before we became friends. Back when you were working at Ruby and I was in corporate, I would come see you and you would dress me. So, to answer your question, I'll always be coming to you for advice and right now you need to help me with my wedding dress….

Lots of love

E & Ed xx

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